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CyberSecurity This course on Cybersecurity typically covers a broad range of topics aimed at understanding and mitigating cyber threats to digital systems, networks, and data. Here’s what you can generally expect to learn and the potential learning outcomes from this course: What You’ll Learn In This Course: Introduction to Cybersecurity:…

Web Design

Web Design for Beginners This course on Web Design typically covers a wide range of topics aimed at equipping you with the necessary skills to design and create visually appealing, functional, and user-friendly websites. Here’s what you can generally expect to learn and the potential learning outcomes from this course:…

LiveStreaming with vMix

LiveStreaming with vMix This course on Livestream with vMix is designed to teach you how to use vMix, a professional live video production software, for creating and broadcasting live streams. This comprehensive course will guide you through mastering VMix features, from basic streaming techniques to advanced effects, audio synchronization, and…
Capcut Video Editing Course image

Video Editing with CapCut

Master CapCut and create stunning videos for social media with expert guidance, hands-on learning. Elevate your content creation skills and amaze your audience!
digital photography

Digital Photography

Digital Photography Digital photography is a course that teaches students about the technical and artistic aspects of taking and editing digital photographs. Some specific topics that may be covered in a digital photography course include: Camera functions and settings: Students may learn about the different parts of a camera and…
UX-UI Design with XD

UI/UX Design with AdobeXD

UX/UI designers have a huge demand currently, you’ll be able to design real world projects including prototype versions of some popular brand apps & websites.
Photoshop and Illustrator for Motion Designers

Photoshop & Illustrator for Motion Designers

This course is intended for aspiring motion graphics artists, the course teaches all the concepts needed to create motion graphics assets that will be used in After Effects.

Cinematography with Video Editing

Learn how to film, frame a shot, use lenses to tell a story, proper lighting, adjusting exposure, fly drone, script writing, directing
3D Animation with Maya and Maximo

3D Animation with Maya & Maximo

Learn how to animate objects, setup rig on a character, motion path, work cycle, virtual camera, apply light & composite for editing in 3D Animation with Maya
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