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LSETF-USADF Employability Project 1 (2021-2022)

About the Project

United State Africa Development Foundation (USADF) and Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) seek to curb the issue of unemployment in Lagos state through USADF-LSETF Employability Project by equipping 3000 eligible young people (Trainees) per year with relevant skills that cut across sectors including but not limited to Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Beauty, Hospitality, Entertainment, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Technology and Creative, the Project Implementing Partner is Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI).

Our Role as a Training Partner

Ai Multimedia was selected in December 2021 as one of the training partners that will implement the LSETF-USADF Employability project. Our mandate is to train 150 youth in Lagos State and place 50% of the trainees in paid job placement for the period of 3 months. To achieve this objective we partnered with significant number of companies and organizations in Lagos as job placement partners and at the end of the training we successfully placed the required number of the trainees in job.


USADF is the U.S. government’s independent African enterprise development agency. The agency invests in African grassroots and small- and medium-sized businesses, promotes local economic development, and creates pathways to prosperity for underserved communities. Utilizing a community-led development approach, USADF provides seed capital and local project management assistance to early-stage African enterprises and entrepreneurs addressing Africa’s biggest challenges around food insecurity, insufficient energy access, and unemployment, particularly among women and youth. To learn more, please visit www.usadf.gov or email Comms1@usadf.gov.

Link to the press release: https://usadf.gov/story/658

LSETF group

Courses Offered

Graphic Design

Graphics/Visual Design

UI/UX Design, Product Design, Illustration, Publishing, Infographics, Social Media Art Designs

Video Editing

Edit Musical Video, Drama, Documentary, Horror, Action Videos, Titling, Multicamera, Colour Correction



Videography, Video Editing, Script Writing, Video Production, Lighting, Studio production



Portrait, Landscape, Beauty Photography, Photo Editing with Photoshop & Lightroom

3D Animations

3 Modelling, Product Design, Character Design, Rigging, Animation, Compositing

Motion Grphics

Motion Graphics

Graphics Animations, Promo Video, Animated Contents, Video Kiosk, Montage, Bumper, VFX

Performance Indicator

Numbers Required to be Trained: 150
% Trained 100%
Number of Job Placement Required: 50%
% Placed 50%
Number of Males: 103
% of Male 69%
Number of Females: 47
% of Females 47%
% Currently Engaged (Company, Self Employed)
% Currently Engaged 95%
% Not Yet Engaged
% Not Yet Engaged 5%

Placement Partners

We've formed strategic partnership with the players in the industry, and these are our job placement partners. The placement partners will focus in driving the goal of the project and the same time identify the partners as contributors to solving unemployment problems in Lagos State. Our placement partners are not only partnering with Ai Multimedia Academy, also indirectly partnering with LSETF and USADF to accomplish this great goal for our dear state and nation. This partnership will also serve as part of corporate and social responsibility (CSR) for our partners.

Companies Placing Our Students

Some of the organizations our students were placed, some were retained and many others have gone on to secure more rewarding jobs at the end of their internship

Success Stories

bolnle oyewole

My Success Story

My name is Bolanle Oyewole, Female. Sometime in 2021, I heard about the USADF- LSETF Employability Project. I was unemployed with no income at the time and wanted to acquire some skills in tech to get me eligible for employment.

I took advantage of the scheme and soon joined many others for the screening at Ai Multimedia Academy to pick qualified candidates. I was privileged to be among those who were selected as a beneficiary of the scholarship Initiative of LSETF/USADF...

Photo Gallery

LSETF Graduation
LSETF Graduation
LSETF group
LSETF group
LSETF Graduation
LSETF group
LSETf group
LSETF group
LSETF Graduation
LSETf group
LSETf group
LSETF group
LSETF Graduation
LSETF Graduation
LSETF Graduation
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