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Bolanle Oyewole
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My name is Bolanle Oyewole, Female, sometime in 2021, I heard about the USADF- LSETF Employability Project. I was unemployed with no income at the time and wanted to acquire some skills in tech to get me eligible for employment.

I took advantage of the scheme and soon joined many others for the screening at Ai Multimedia Academy to pick qualified candidates. I was privileged to be among those who were selected as a beneficiary of the scholarship Initiative of LSETF/USADF.

The scholarship came with daily stipends which aided my transportation to and fro for the 8 weeks duration of my classes. I filed in for the Motion Graphics Design course and I was taught the essential part of the application and how to use It in no time. I became familiar with the application and could use it efficiently to an employable degree.

After the training, Ai Multimedia Academy facilitated a 3-month paid internship at a Business TV station called iBrandTV, at Olowoora, Lagos State. I gained much more knowledge on the job as I was exposed to a work atmosphere with professionals in the line of motion graphics and graphic designs. The internship was a huge addition to my skills as I got to own my skill on an upgraded level. My confidence grew as the months went by and not to forget I was being paid a monthly salary of ₦20,000) twenty thousand naira in addition to ₦18,000 (eighteen thousand naira) from USADF.

After the 3 months internship, the TV station had access to my learnings, skills, work ethic and input to the workflow, they offered to retain me as staff in October 2021 with a monthly salary of ₦50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira).

I have since then been gainfully employed. A dream that took less than a year to achieve. I am immensely grateful to LSETF/USADF for putting up such a brilliant initiative that has helped me build a career path for myself even with little or no funds from my end, thank you.

Bolanle had since move to 32AD Animation Studio, Maryland, Ikeja, working 2D Animator and Motion Graphics Artist with improved pay.

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Bolanle Oyelowo
Bolanle Oyewole
Bolanle Oyewole

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